Upgrading my Swift Theme completely broke my site

July 10, 2010 – 9:51 am |

Over at Journey To a Better Man, we use the Swift theme.  So far we have absolutely loved it because it provides some great functionality that helped us to get a clean theme out of the box that has some great and easy customization tools.

Everything was going great, until the theme was updgraded.  All of a sudden everything broke.  I mean, really broke.

The style sheets were completely broken, the sidebar widgets broke, js files were missing. It was awful.

Journey To A Better Man  Take control of your life… 300x180 Upgrading my Swift Theme completely broke my site

I have tried to reproduce the issues for screenshots, but now that I have fixed everything once I cannot reproduce the issues I was seeing previously.

Style Sheet issue

This issue was caused by something breaking with the header navigation.  The way I fixed this was to go to the Header section of the Swift Administration panel, add my comments back in and re-save the settings. This set the options up correctly and allowed the site to show the theme again.

Swift Theme Options ‹ Journey To A Better Man — WordPress 269x300 Upgrading my Swift Theme completely broke my siteBroken Sidebar issues

With the broken sidebar I was seeing that the custom sidebar tabs widget was completely broken (see screenshot above).  Since I knew this was JavaScript that created the tabs, I opened up firebug and noticed that there were missing JavaScript files.  Specifically, the files I was missing were from a plugin called WDP Ajax Comments, which for some reason is included directly in with the theme instead of in the plugins directory.  So, I grabbed the files from the WordPress plugins site and then FTPs them to the swift theme directory.  I had to change the folder name from wdp-ajax-comments to wdp-ajaxed-comments.

The other issue I noticed was that I was missing the uploads/swift_custom/swift-js-functions.js file.  So, as a shot in the dark, I grabbed the js-functions.js file from the wp-content/themes/swift/js directory, renamed it and put it into the uploads/swift_custom/ directory.  When I refreshed the page everything was back to normal.


For some reason the upgrade for our site completely failed. I could not find ANYTHING on the Swift support forums that spoke to upgrade issues and I could find no reason why the missing files were deleted.  The only thing I could point to is the upgrade script from WordPress is deleting everything from the directory before upgrading instead of replacing the files individually. This is not ideal, as people make custom changes all the time.

If you have any problems that you would like someone to look at, please feel free to contact us through the comments below or through our contact form.

pixel Upgrading my Swift Theme completely broke my site

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